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shiraiko wrote in benbens
Title: The School President is a Maid!
Genre: Romance (—no, keep on dreaming.), humour, fem!Kyungsoo, KaichouWaMaidSama!AU
Rating: R

[“What are you going to do, then? Blackmailing me because I made you got detentions?”]“So,” Jongin crosses his arms over his chest, smirking as he looks at Kyungsoo, who’s dressed in a maid costume, “our school president, the only girl who can scold the boys, is having a part-time job as a maid? Interesting.”
Kyungsoo grits her teeth, face is reddening and gets even worse when Jongin shows his phone’s screen, a full-body shot of Kyungsoo in her dress is on the display. “What are you going to do, then? Blackmailing me because I made you got detentions?”
“Well, that’s rude.” Says the boy. He walks closer towards Kyungsoo. “Don’t worry, I won’t give it to anyone else, especially to the boys in our school.” He continues, cupping the maid’s jaw with his hand, tiltling it upwards. “I don’t want them to see you like this. They might do something bad to you.”
This time, Kyungsoo’s eyes get widen. She stares at Jongin, that delinquent (and handsome—no) boy. He was all stubborn and chaos and bad—she actually had never expected his good side before.
“I won’t.” Jongin repeats. He stares back at Kyungsoo. “I’ll just keep it as my phone’s wallpaper instead.”
They’re still looking at each other’s eyes, surrounded by nothing but a silence.
Until Kyungsoo throws Jongin 3 meters away from his previous place by her punch—landed beautifully on Jongin’s face.

Title: A Special Breakfast
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13 (for... Kissing?)

[His birthday is at 14th January, but Jongin prefers 13th as his best day in every year.]His birthday is at 14th January, but Jongin prefers 13th as his best day in every year. Because that’s the day between his and his boyfriend’s birthdays. It’s their day.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Chuckling, Kyungsoo greets Jongin, who’s walking inside the kitchen with his eyes are still half-closed. “Guess what date is today.”
“13th.” Answers Jongin, yawning. He gets over Kyungsoo and hugs the older’s waist from behind before kissing his cheek. “Happy birthday to us.”
“Gross.” Kyungsoo laughs. He pecks Jongin’s parted lips. “Go wash your face and brush your teeth. I’m going to prepare our special breakfast.”
“And what’s that?”
Kyungsoo smiles slightly. He turns around to face Jongin and wraps his arms around the taller’s neck. “Guess what.”
And by now, Jongin is surely awaken. “You.” Whispers him, pulling Kyungsoo closer by his waist and kissing his lips passionately. “My special breakfast in 13th January is always you.”
“So gross.” Humming, Kyungsoo kisses back, tongues are battling against each other. He mumbles, “but, afterall, correct.”

Title: 101 Ways Chanyeol being Rejected by Kyungsoo (written by Jongin)
Genre: Romance, humour, slight!ChanSoo
Rating: R

[If there’s one thing that makes Jongin happy the most, it’s surely the way Kyungsoo rejects his forever-fanboy, Chanyeol.]If there’s one thing that makes Jongin happy the most, it’s surely the way Kyungsoo rejects his forever-fanboy, Chanyeol.
“Hey, Kyungsoo! Let’s take a picture together.” Chanyeol beamed one day, sitting between Jongin and Kyungsoo (note: without any permission). “I’ve had photos with other members. All but you. We’re best friends, right?”
Kyungsoo took a very short glance towards the giant. “Chanyeol.” He said. “I’ve never agreed to be your best friend. Remember that.”
And that’s only one of 101 Ways Chanyeol being Rejected by Kyungsoo.
Another one is just as sad as before. Jongin was playing Superstar SMTown in his phone—recommended by Chanyeol, of course—when the said one slammed his room’s door open, waving his phone with a selca as the display.
“Jongin!!” He shouted (such an unnecessarry, Jongin thought, since he’s only five steps away from me.). “Jongin YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS KYUNGSOO HAS AGREED TO TAKE A PIC WITH ME I AM THE HAPPIEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE I’M GONNA POST THIS TO MY INSTAGRAM WORLD HAVE TO KNOW.”
Okay, that was a breaking news. Jongin decided to spare his time and paused his game so he could see Chanyeol’s picture with Kyungsoo—
With Kyungsoo not looking at the camera. At all.
Hyung—” Jongin started. He let the ‘perfect’ score for the song he played gone just for another picture of Chanyeol being ignored by Kyungsoo. What kind of bullshit was it? But Chanyeol has raised his hand up, stopping Jongin from talking. “Shut up. This is gold. Not a pure one since he didn’t even bother to look at the camera but still. Gold.”
By then, Jongin was sure that Chanyeol is the most desperate human being in the world.
(Note (again): it’s not like Jongin hasn’t taken any pictures with Kyungsoo yet. He has, for many times, even. And Kyungsoo looked at the camera. Chanyeol just didn’t know it—because he’s a pathetic human being.)

Title: I Miss You (and Something Else in You)
Genre: Romance, smut (err... Mentioned?)
Rating: NC-17 (for mentioned sex)

[“I miss you so bad, too.”]“You’re crazy.” Kyungsoo hisses as Jongin drags him to his room at the 2nd floor. “Your parents are here, in the 1st floor. What if they hear us? I’ve said that I came here just for borrowing your movie collections.”
“Nah, they wouldn’t even bother to check us here.”
“And your little brother is also here—“
“Jimin has no time to visit my room, don’t worry. He’s busy with his playstation.”
“But Jongin—“ The younger one shuts Kyungsoo’s protest up with a kiss on his lips. “Soo,” he murmurs, pulling Kyungsoo closer, “I fucking miss you. And my family likes you, so don’t worry about what are they thinking about. If they find us, I’m sure they wouldn’t do any harm to you. Even better; they might tell us to get married soon.”
Kyungsoo’s cheeks are blushing madly right now.
They don’t break the kiss when Jongin stumbles through his door, locking themselves in his room. Kyungsoo presses himself against Jongin, runs his hand over the younger’s chest.
“I miss you so bad, too.” Says him, half-whispered; he can feel Jongin’s bulge against his. “So bad until I thought I could rape you the moment we met again.”
“Really?” Jongin smirks as Kyungsoo unbuckles his belt groggily. “Well, my dick misses your mouth, too. Show me your skills now. We have no much time left.”

Title: A Representation
Genre: Angst, hurt, schizoprenia!AU
Rating: PG-13

[Because Junmyeon is right.]“Kyungsoo,” Junmyeon says hopelessly, “stop this.”
“Stop what?” Kyungsoo pierces his eyes. He looks at Junmyeon while holding Kai’s hand beside him. “You’re the one who has to stop, hyung. You just interrupted my conversations with Kai.”
“Stop imagining that Kai is real! He’s never been here, Soo. He never has.”
“Well, he is here. Beside me. I can feel him, and it means that he’s real, just as real as you.”
“Soo,” Kai, for the first time since Junmyeon arrived, speaks. “It’s okay. I’ll just go and—“
“And don’t say that, for God’s sake, Kai!” Snaps Kyungsoo. “Sorry,” he continues, voice is a bit softer now, “but please, don’t go anywhere without me. It’s dangerous outside.”
Junmyeon sighs. It’s not going to be easy, he knew, but it also doesn’t mean impossible to try. “Soo, please listen to me.” He starts. “You’re having a schizoprenia caused by some traumas in the past. The Kai you’re seeing right now might be a representation of Jongin, who died years ago in the plane accident—“ Before he can finish his sentence, Kyungsoo has stood up already, eyes blank.
“I’m done here.” And that’s it. He leaves. All Junmyeon can do is just let Kyungsoo go. He stares at the window sadly.
“Kai.” Kyungsoo mutters; the boy is following his steps along the road, hands holding each other. “I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry.”
Because deep in their heart, they knew.
“Don’t be.” Kai smiles bitterly. “It’s not your fault.”
Because Junmyeon is right.


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